Buying a horse is a fantastic event, especially for a young teenager who has wanted to buy one since childhood. But you have to prepare for the arrival of a horse, and above all have the necessary accessories to welcome it. We will talk about saddles in this article.

The saddle and its description

For you first, you need to check if the seat is perfect, if it's the size of your buttock, and so that you squeeze into this chair and don't move. And then the cantle which will be the direct contact with the horse, and then the banana and the cleat which is used to block your legs.

For the horse, we have the padding, the Larsson which must be symmetrical, and especially the panels which must be wide and perfectly padded. Afterwards, we talk about strapping which must have a nice assembly, but especially to breathe your horse. The withers which must have a free opening and must leave a clearly visible corridor. This site is the reference for old horse saddles, it also repairs broken saddles.

Testing the saddle

Put the saddle you have chosen on the horse's bare back. The saddle fits behind the shoulder and before the back side of your horse. And then check the strap must be vertical, neither on the side nor tilted. The entire part of the padding must be placed and not in the air. The position of the withers should be behind it, neither too far back. You should also check for the opening of the withers, as normally you can enter three fingers without the mat and two fingers with the mat.

You should then ride your horse. There, you will be able to test the seat, and you will immediately feel a resistance on the horse if the saddle does not fit.