In the globe of trade in machinery for riding, many saddlers are present. It's not always a simple job to find the correct products. And the idea that high priced saddles are always excellent quality that a rider rides better with a saddle of a famous brand, must also be removed. It is essential. Fortunately, there are certain brand names which have tested the marks and which only sell excellent value at very competitive rates. Equiatack is the highest quality tapering

Presentation of the equitack padding

Equitack is a firm which has gained a long history in the saddles sector. It is a branch of Voltaire design, a well-known stool manufacturer. This Company has set itself the aim of providing clients the finest equipment for horses, thanks to its passionate and vibrant team, with a very valuable price range given the quality of its products. Equitack always provides innovative products and fresh saddle designs. And its services not only stop on sale but go as far as to provide its faithful clients with repairs and guidance.

Equitack products and services

The Equitack Timbering provides every kind of riding accessory, from easy Dressage to High Hinder Running, including saddles of multiple characteristics and for all fields. These papers are provided by brand, type of stool and as much description as necessary to assist the client discover a product that matches them, whether new or used. This offers these riding supplies. The goods may be screened before the purchase is completed and this is one of the major benefits with this upholstery, particularly as the firm also provides stool advice and repair services for its clients. It also provides clients a one-week trial period. Equitack sells the restored saddles of famous brands such as buten or antarès. Brands do not say, but all still love Antares, Hermes and CWD. The only issue with their brands is their cost. This website is also connected to a blog sharing regarding the customer's operations and appreciations of the company's services.