Are you in search of the best suitable horse saddle for your stallion? You want a used saddle, but you don't know where to buy one, as the ones you find in the stores are new saddles in most instances. Here are some ideas in this case that will certainly help you. Expert from equitack sometime prefer to advice riders to choose used western saddles for saleover new ones.

How do you choose a saddle?

Above all, a saddle that is well adapted to your needs is essential equipment. It's a saddle that won't force you to get a good sitting position. It must be large enough at first to cover your back and free your horse's backbone. It must suit the morphology and that of the animal in this way. If the horse is reluctant to move forward, it's not good because he feels embarrassed. The tourniquet must also be liberated by a well-fitted saddle. You should be able to place at least three fingers between the pommel and the wicker in this sense. Don't forget the saddler above all. Avoid placing the saddle on his shoulders but at the 18th vertebra to encourage your stallion to gallop freely. To consider any lesions and the risk of imbalance, this gap is essential.

Why you will like a used saddle over a new one

In fact, both of these are obvious benefits. You have to choose on your needs. If you want to use it immediately, it is recommended that you opt for the saddle used in France. Because a former rider has already destroyed them, they are already adapted to the human form. These saddles are also easy to maintain and much more flexible, allowing you to have a perfect sitting position without force. These can be sold in horse riding shops or online retailers like Equitack. You can find used saddles in this online store for all disciplines. In their workshops they have already been tested.